If you have ever wanted to own the equivalent of an NFL ‘Sports Almanac’ then look no further. After finishing ‘Today in NFL History’ I have come to the conclusion that Ben Isaacs (author), is the Three-Eyed Raven of American Football. Isaacs really has managed to compile every notable event in ‘gridiron’ history into one single format, one that will likely be impossible for future NFL historians to follow without citing his work. As someone who has followed the game for over 25 years, who attends games both in London and the US each year, and who truly thinks he knows everything there is to know about this sport, I was truly humbled to learn so much. The book is not without humour and heart as well, with the events of ‘the whizanator’, ‘Shareece Wright’s Uber’ and ‘the first indoor post season game’ being just three of my personal favourites. Slated to release for eBooks only (I assume due to the shear size of the book) my hope is that Ben Isaacs and his publisher will reconsider print format — because this deserves to be on every NFL enthusiast’s book shelf. J

‘Today in NFL History’ was supplied to Benny Given Sunday by Ben Isaacs.

You can preorder your copy here

Should you have any questions for Ben Isaacs you can find him on Twitter @tweetsfromben

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