Alas the rumours were true. After 9 seasons in the league the greatest TE in modern NFL history announced his retirement from professional football via his official Instagram account today. A giant of the game (quite literally), ‘Gronk’, as he came to be known; was unquestionably one of the most dominant skill position players in modern NFL history. Although plagued by injuries, the former second round draft pick would go on to break single season season records in both total yards (1,327) and touchdowns (17) in just his second season as an NFL starter, whilst hoisting the Lombardi trophy on three occasions. Often targeted by Tom Brady in critical moments, Gronkowski will undoubtedly leave a huge void in the Patriots locker room; one that Bill Belichick will likely have to address in the upcoming draft. In truth it may take multiple players to replace him, as there are only a handful of college TE’s that have demonstrated the ability to be able to create separation in the pass game as well as run block when required. Nevertheless, we at Benny Given Sunday are not only going to miss his ability to regularly maul linebackers/safeties, but we will miss his goofy, often childish like spirit as well. Happy retirement Rob Gronkowski, you more than earned it. J

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