In late 2018 and after much deliberation, Ben and I both finally decided to share our respective passion for American Football with the world, or at least anyone willing to listen. In truth we had been going back and forth on the idea for quite some time but something was almost always holding us back. We asked ourselves several questions: what if it isn’t a ‘success’ (whatever that means), what will happen if we become too busy to keep on top of our pet project, or better yet what if what we have to share just simply isn’t interesting enough for our fellow gridiron fans? However, over time we began to realise the reason why we decided to go ahead and put ourselves out there for the world to see was two fold. First, B will soon leave home to study Journalism and this site will ultimately serve as a portfolio of sorts for him. Yet more importantly we believe it to be a challenge that we both hope to have fun with.

With regards to my own experience I was first exposed to the game as a teen in 1999 when I had visited family in New Orleans and all I could think about was the freakish athletic ability of Ricky Williams. I was in awe, yet utterly confused as to why anyone would want to put their body through the level of punishment I had just witnessed. I remember immediately harassing mum to buy me the latest Madden and soon adopted the Patriots as my team because it had ‘England’ in the name (we are both originally from London). Ben on the other hand had to wait for his big bro to move back into the family home having graduated from university before he was truly exposed to the game. We would religiously watch the Sunday night SKY coverage hosted by ‘my man’, the late and great Kevin Cadle. Coincidentally, Ben would also choose a team based on a completely irrational observation and would end up a Chief as they play in ‘Arsenal’ red (we are both long suffering Gooners). Although they have had some gut wrenching playoff defeats, having observed Pat Mahomes shred everyone last year I think its safe to say he ultimately chose well.

Talking about ‘Pats’ I was fortunate enough to fulfil a lifelong dream late last year by travelling to Boston to see New England play the Jets and thankfully it was everything I had hoped it would be. From the 10am rally bus full of inebriated Bostonians, to the tailgate like atmosphere in the stadium, coupled with the freezing temperatures, it was truly an experience like no other and helped confirm to me why the international series at Wembley, albeit great in its own right, simply cannot replicate that overwhelming home support atmosphere. Nevertheless, with that I leave by saying I hope this is the first of many posts from us and hope you enjoy some of my favourite photos taken from the above trip to Foxborough. J

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